Connecting With a Home Depot Electrician

Have you ever prepared for a project like LED lighting installation and struggled to find a local dependable electrician in Vernon BC? Home Depot in Vernon BC has a Local Pro Service which will give you quick access to a Vernon electric company like Quantum Power Inc., a certified Home Depot Electrician. Click here to learn more about LED lighting installation on our services page.

There are two ways to connect with a Local Pro. In-store or online.

Here is how it works.


Step 1 – Research Materials

• Visit Home Depot in Vernon BC and research the significant materials required for your LED lighting installation in Vernon BC.

For example, the LED light fixture is a significant material for an LED lighting installation project. This could include surface mount lights, recessed lights, under-cabinet lights, strip lighting and exterior lighting, all in LED.
Be sure and check out our Services Page for more info on LED lighting installation.

Step 2 – Create a Job Request at the Pro Desk

• Go to the Pro Desk in Home Depot and make a job request for an LED lighting installation in Vernon BC.
• Provide your contact information including email address and postal code.
• Provide a brief description of the work you want completed.
• Request Quantum Power as your certified Home Depot electrician.


Step 1 – Navigate to the Job Info Page

• Go to www.homedepot.ca’s home page, click “My Store” and enter Home Depot Vernon BC.
• Click on the “Home Services” link which displays a list of available trades and services.
• Click on the “Electrical & Lighting” link.
• Click on “LED Interior Light Installation” or “LED Lighting Installation in Vernon BC” which takes you to the Job Information page.


Step 1A – Connect through the product link.

• Review the product in which you are interested.
• Click on the product link and it will open the product page.
• On the product page you will see “Want it Installed”?
• Check the box next to “Connect me to Local Pros.”
• Click on “Add to Cart and make payment.
• Choose Quantum Power as your electrical contractor in Vernon BC and we will contact you within twenty-four hours.

Step 2 – Provide personal and job information.

• Enter your address including your postal code.
• Enter the preferred start date and a brief description of your project.
• Enter your contact information and preferred method of contact.
• Review & choose a local and reliable Home Depot electrician like Quantum Power for your project.

Quantum Power works with;

• Home Depot Vernon BC
• Home Depot Kelowna BC
• Home Depot West Kelowna BC

To become a certified Home Depot electrician, Quantum Power must complete an annual screening for all licenses and insurances to work as an electrical contractor in Vernon BC.

In addition, a thorough RCMP background check is completed annually by Crawford Compliance Ltd.
All information is actively monitored by Crawford Compliance. This brings another level of trust to Quantum Power’s 5 Star rating.

As a certified Home Depot electrician, Quantum Power completed hundreds of service calls, small projects, and complete renovations. Check out our 5 Star reviews on our Home, About and Services pages. Providing an elevated level of quality and service, Quantum Power has established itself as a premier Vernon electric company.

Call Us Directly at 250-307-4003.
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Choose Quantum Power Inc when reviewing your available Home Depot electricians!